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Discover our Master in
International Strategy and Competitive Intelligence 



1st University Master in competitive intelligence

Best University Master in Competitive Intelligence in France 2021 in the Eduniversal ranking.

4th in the Eduniversal ranking in France



Elaborate corporate strategies on an international scale


Use competitive intelligence frameworks designed to consolidate competitiveness


Analyze key market indicators in high tech sectors

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"Corporate Strategy in a world driven by economic warfare"

The MSc International Strategy & Competitive Intelligence is a program providing a
multidimensional academic curriculum based on Strategic Management. The program is, at its core,
centered around two complimentary axis being Strategy and Competitive Intelligence. The
program’s teachings are designed to synergize academic excellence and professional experience in
order for students to better understand the ever-changing environment in which they will operate.
Our Master’s degree enables students to acquire a solid foundation of knowledge in a number of
related fields such as Risk Management, Strategic Intelligence and Investigative Techniques. The
complimentary nature of the aforementioned courses allow our future graduates to broaden the
spectrum of their knowledge and hone their understanding of economic and political matters on an
international scale.

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A word from the director

Recteur Alexandre STEYER

Director of the Master's in Competitive Intelligence and Strategy

The MSc International Strategy & Competitive Intelligence track of the MSc International Business 
& Management is taught “En Sorbonne” through an international vision supported by the secular 
values & legacy of France’s oldest University. La Sorbonne has been a world-renowned 
establishment ever since its inception eight centuries ago. Our Master’s degree is a renowned, elite 
curriculum ranked 1st amongst post-graduates diplomas in Competitive Intelligence. 
The academic tradition of La Sorbonne is carried through a highly diversified, perpetually renewed 
curriculum. Management, Strategy, Data Science, Psychology, Sociology, Geopolitics, Ethics, Law, 
Accounting. These teachings provide our students with the adequate tools required to undertake 
complex endeavors on the international stage whose stakes and complexity are ever-increasing. 
Strategy and Competitive Intelligence will transform you into a valuable corporate asset, capable of 
identifying major risks and capitalizing on crucial opportunities. In the current business landscape, 
such skills are highly sought after. You will become a center piece of your company’s evolution, 
wherever it may be. This is why our philosophy is perfectly in line with La Sorbonne’s motto :


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